Code of Conduct

A) In relation to Management functions:

– Carry out activities in a professional, ethical and responsible manner.

– Maintain as confidential the background, data and documents to which they have access by virtue of their functions in the company, even when they no longer carry out such functions.

B) In relation to clients:

– Be Manufacturer on the basis of the appropriateness of our products or services, as well as of our offer prices, delivery conditions and quality, not accepting or offering gifts or commissions, in cash or in kind, which could alter the rules of free competition in the production and distribution of goods and services.

– Guarantee the products and services of the company and deal quickly and efficiently with consumer and user claims, with a view to achieving satisfaction beyond mere compliance with prevailing legislation.

C) In relation to competitors of the Company:

– Not abuse a dominant or privileged market position.

– Compete in good faith with other companies cooperating to achieve a free market based on mutual respect between

Competitors and abstaining from engaging in unfair practices.

D) In relation to employees of the Company:

– Treat employees with dignity, respect and justice, taking into consideration their different cultural sensitivities.

– Not discriminate against employees on the grounds of race, religion, age, nationality, sex or any other personal or social

condition different from the conditions of merit and capacity